Dean Message

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
Welcome to Bonga College of Teacher Education.
Bonga College of Teacher education is located in the south west of Ethiopia Particularly in Kafa Zone. Kafa is one of the Zones of SNNPR bordering Bench Maji Zone, Sheka Zone, Dawuro and Oromia. Kafa is the home land of Coffee Arabica. Coffee Arabica was first discovered in a particular place in Kafa Zone Called Makira.
The Current Bonga CTE was established in 1998 as a teacher Education Institute (Bonga TTI) with the aim of training teachers for primary school at Certificate level. Bonga TTI upgraded to College level in 2004. Since its establishment Bonga TTI, now Bonga CTE Played a Significant role in producing teachers in different fields of study.
Bonga CTE now has different ongoing programs in different modalities; Linear, Generalist and specialist modalities. Generalist teachers are those who are prepared to teach in lower primary whereas specialist teachers are those who are trained to teach specialized subjects.

• Regular Diploma (10+3) Programs.
A total of 2473 students are enrolled in the program.
• Extension Diploma (10+3) Programs.
A total of 2080 students are enrolled in the program.
• Weekend Diploma (10+3) Programs.
A total of 535 students are enrolled in the program.

The Vision, Mission and Values of the Bonga CTE
• Producing qualified teachers who can produce good citizen for the nation;
• Being center of excellence in teacher training, research activities and community service in the region.
• Producing morally equipped good citizen who are qualified with academic knowledge, attitude and skills;
• Updating and upgrading primary school teachers and principals so as to strengthen the quality of education and performances of the professionals.
• Providing professional and material support for primary schools in the region and college catchment area.
• Conducting research on education.

• Quality training
• Valuing time and resources
• Good work ethics
• Honesty
• Industriousness
• Being Transparent
• Being Democratic
• Transparent and responsible morality
• Always learning
We are continuously improving the necessary facilities for our College through the support from SNNPR Education Bureau, GEQIP, USAID/IQPEP and British Council. Therefore, we would like to thank these Organizations and programs for the support they give.

We have academic and administrative Staff personnel who have dedicated themselves to support our activities in the College and in the Primary Schools. With the Commitment and hard work of our staff and the support from different stakeholders, the changes for the betterment of our College will continue. Thank you all for your hard work.
I am honored to be coming home to a world-class institution with a strong tradition of academic excellence and that has offered outstanding teaching and engagement opportunities for more than 18 years. This is evident in everything from many of our graduates.
I encourage you to explore our website and learn more about our strong teacher preparation programs in elementary education. Our academic programs are high quality. You will learn that our caring and dedicated faculty and staff are committed to fostering authentic service opportunities with an excellent quality. We care about serving real nation problems.
We are dedicated to fostering student success. Our goal is to empower you with the skills, creativity, and resolve to truly transform lives, working as a teacher.
Dean and English Language Lecturer