Each semester existing students are required to register for classes for the next semester. The registration is held in the respective college registrar office.
To register for classes, students should collect Two copies of registration slips from the Stream officers bureau and complete the required information and get them signed by the case worker and submit one copy of the slip to Registrar office one copy to themselves

You can now apply to BCTE Registrar office at the following programs based on the minimum requirements of each department.
No Department
1 Kafi- noonoo
2 Amharic
3 English
4 Mathematics
5 Mathematics & environmental science(MES)
6 Chemistry
7 Biology
8 Physics
9 Physics Laboratory
10 Chemistry Laboratory
11 Biology Laboratory
12 Integrated Science
13 Civics
14 Social Studies
15 ART
16 Music
17 HPE
18 Pre-School
19 Special Needs