Women's Affair

About Bonga College of Teacher Education office of Women Affair


As a Multi-nation State, Ethiopia is a country of ethnic and cultural diversity. In this regard, gender roles and relations vary widely across regions, cultures, and religious groups. In spite of this, some generalizations are possible. Traditionally women have largely been excluded from education indeed they have only a limited role in social, economic, community leadership and decision-making. Rather on domestic tasks, child bearing, child rearing, farming, and caring for the sick dominate their lives. It is generally accepted that the more rigid the gender role in society, the sharper the gender division of labor and the lower the status accorded to women. The transformation agenda of the BongaCollegeTeachers Education has also incorporate gender issue as one of the cross-cutting issues in order to see the problems in all directions and to act on it. The presence of gender policy will enhance the activities in the higher institution; particularly it helps to mainstream gender issues in all school curriculums.


The Gender Unit of Bonga College of Teacher Education wishes to see all females to be competitive, empowered and assertive, so that they will have equal participation in social, economic and political aspect of the country. Mission

The mission of Bonga College of Teacher Education’s Gender Unit is to pave the way for all females in the College and surrounding to be assertive and competitive. Furthermore, it aims at empowering females to be able to determine their fate and make decisions. On top of this, making the society of the College and its surrounding gender sensitive


Bonga College of Teacher Education Unit of women's affairs strives to meet the following:
Reduce the gender gap in education and employment

Improve the status of women and produce competent and assertive female graduates;

Improve those women in decision making position and leadership

Make all systems of the College gender responsive and sensitive

Future plan

Create means of income generation scheme such as beauty saloon, laundry and shops etc to support needy female students.

Gender mainstreaming across the College

Developing anti female harassment policy of the College.