Bonga College of Teacher Education Library
Bonga College of Teacher Education Library was established in 1999, with an objective to serve and promote the teaching-learning process, and support the research functions of the College. It consists of a central administration unit. The central administration unit renders centralized technical processing services (such as acquisition of information resources and cataloging), and ICT related services to users. The BCTEL is currently making efforts to develop and implement electronic based library system.
Expected Students Conduct in the Library
 Entry to Library is permitted on production of valid I.D. Card issued by the College.
 Mobile phones and other electronic communication devices are not allowed inside Library and must be switched off,
 All Users make any folder or materials brought into a Library, and borrowed items from the library available for inspection.
 The consumption of food and drink is forbidden,
 The reservation of seats in the Library is not permitted.
 Complete silence is to be observed.
 Readers will be held responsible for any loss or damage to items being used by them in the Library,
 Conversation and any other behavior likely to disturb other readers must be avoided throughout the Library.
 Deliberate unauthorised removal of Library materials, or mutilate or deliberate damaging of Library property will be regarded as an extremely serious offence,
 All users must comply with all notices or signs in a Library from time to time, including those about: Use, borrowing or reservation of Library Resources; Opening and closing hours;
 Any user found to be in breach of these regulations may and may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the appropriate College regulations.