Well come to Bonga College of Teachers Education
Bonga College of Teacher Education (CTE) was established as a Teacher Training Institute (TTI) in 1998 and upgraded to College level in 2004. The college is located in South West Ethiopia, 470 K.M away from Addis Ababa via Jimma – Bonga route. The college has been engaged in producing qualified teachers in Pre-service and In-service training programs for the last two decades. So far, the college has produced 20,126 p teachers for primary schools and pre-school centers in the region. Besides, the college has conducted several problem solving researches and delivered series of need-based short term trainings for teachers, school principals, education officers, school counselors, parents and the community at large on various issues including active learning methods, action research, child rights, gender based violence, assessment for learning, continuous professional development, practicum, special needs and inclusive education, school supervision and many more.
Infrastructure and learning facilities
Bonga CTE, with a total surface are of 312235sq meter, has 60 blocks. Subsequently, on the basis of 2.5 square meters per student seat there are 112 normal class rooms accommodating 40 students per class hour enabling to conduct 112x9 class hours per day or 112x9x7 class hour per week. Besides, such number of normal technology classes, there are six functional smart classrooms’ equipped with state of the art technologies and ten under arrangement enabling students to learn using audiovisual, video and films specially for abstract sciences, demonstrations, landscape of geography, language and art issues.
Laboratory facilities & organizations
Regarding laboratory facilities, on the basis of 2.5 square meters per student seat there are 9 natural science (chemistry, biology, physics), one language, four computer class rooms assembled for the purpose intended to course nature accommodating 20 to 25 students per session (3 hours) enabling to conduct 9x4 sessions per day or 9x4x7 sessions per week for natural science students contributing to learning by doing, a methodology widely supported by contemporary academic community.
Library services
With regard to library services, on the basis of 2.5 square meters per student seat, there are one old library and another G+ 2 floor furnished with chairs and reading tables enabling to serve 1,500 students per average study hour (four hour study per student seat) or 4,500 seat service per day or 31,500 seat service per week.
ICT, Internet capacity and accessibility
The College has broad band internet service connected with a capacity of 20 MB or clock per second accessable to college community throughout its campus, eight wireless sites, three computer laboratories accommodating 40 student per service hour, one computer laboratory dedicated to English language improvement, another one computer lab dedicated to HIV/AIDS and girls only are functional supporting the teaching learning process in updating information, material development, and student engagement by exploring and browsing more on a given tasks and broadening appetite of learning for students. To upgrade and expand more, agreements are made between Jimma university and BCTE so that digital library, virtual laboratory services will start soon. Ten other smart rooms are underway to facilitate technology based pedagogy, a shift from chalk board to key board.
Research and Community service
Research and community services are inseparable mandates given for BCTE. Peculiar to research productivity and dissemination, several problems are lingering. Among others, research capacity of the staff, funding, research infrastructure, motivation and commitment of teachers, lack of research conferences and motivational strategy are some. However, the management started encouraging researchers by funding selected research projects. As to the community service, the college offers technical and resource support for linkage schools. However, existing supports are not need based and the extent to which the support provided impacted quality of education is largely unknown due to lack of follow-up mechanism.
Networking and Coordination
We are closely working with various stakeholders such as linkage schools, NGOs, Government organizations, and other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The College has a good track record of executing education related projects with relevant stakeholders and development partners including the UNICEF and USAID.

Stakeholders& Partners

Ministry of Education
Environmental Science
Basic Integrated Science
Early Childhood care & education
Sociology and Social Studies
Political Science& International Education
Civics and Ethical Education
Health and physical education
Special Needs& Inclusive Education

Regional Education Bureau
Kaffa, Zone Administrations
Higher Education Institutions
Primary and Secondary Schools
Local& International NGOs; UN Agencies
Academic and Administrative staff
Parents& Students
List of Departments

Ahmed Esmael (PhD)

Academic Vice Dean

Bonga College of Teachers Education

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