Information Communication Technology Section
BCTE knows that ICT is a means to advance the core academic processes, to facilitate Administrative functions and research needs of the College. Bonga College of Teacher Education started to integrate ICT in its system through the establishment of the ICT service section to handle issues related to ICT. Since its establishment, the ICT Service section has been working closely with different sections of the College.
The major task of the ICT service section is providing internet service for staffs and creating conducive environment for ICT courses through the provision of well equipped computer Laboratories. The other areas in which the ICT Section involved would include: providing short-term trainings to the staff in IT Essentials and Basic Computer Skills.
Besides these activities, The ICT section also provides specifications for purchasing orders of ICT equipment, troubleshooting, maintenances and technical support services on computers, office machines and related devices. Recently, the ICT service section has built campus-wide network of the College in collaboration with Jimma University. The section has been involved in every activity from the conception to the implementation of the network infrastructures.
The ETMPDTICP is happy to announce that we have performed a series of technology upgrades in BCTE in several scenarios. These changes have allowed us to move towards a digital infrastructure.
In general, the ICT section is working to enhance and expand ICT infrastructure and services to enable transformation of the College.