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Bonga College of Teachers Education Ethics liaison Unite

Bonga College of Teachers Education Ethics liaison Unite
Endeavor to create college employees who do not condone corruption by promoting ethics and anti-corruption education, work ethic, professional ethics, conscience of serving the public and sense of duty among employees. Prevent corruption and impropriety in the college.
Endeavor to cause acts of corruption and impropriety be exposed and investigated and appropriate actions be taken against the perpetrators
Organization and Accountability
The Ethics liaison unit is headed by Ethics officer . The Ethics officer the is accountable to the college Dean.
Bonga College of teachers education Ethics liaison unit shall:
1) Raise the awareness of officers and staff of the college on anti-corruption policies, anti-corruption laws, regulations and directives, good conduct and the harmful effects of corruption;
2) Follow up on the observance of anti-corruption policies, laws and rules and procedures of the college.
3) Initiate and submit research proposals to the Commission and make the college dean aware of the same immediately; conduct research on ways of correcting modus operandi vulnerable to corruption and impropriety on its own or in cooperation with others, and submit recommendations to the dean, and upon approval, follow up on its implementation;
4) Advise the college dean on ways of promoting ethics; strengthen a sense of duty and the protection of employees from reprisal measures so as to encourage disclosure of corruption, and follow up on the implementation of the same;
5) Receive and verify reports on ethical violations in accordance with the rules and directives of the college and submit to the dean recommendations on further investigation and measures to be taken, and follow up on the implementation of the same;
6) Ensuring that no made on employee is pressured as a result of exposing corruption and ethical infractions;
7) Follow up on measures taken based on findings or suggestions by external or internal auditors as well as the report of disciplinary and grievance committees and report the same to the dean , copying the Commission and the supervising authority of the college on the correspondence;
8) Maintain a list of detailed information about officers and employees of the college who may be regarded as vanguard and exemplary in combating corruption and impropriety; make the college dean know about the initiative and submit the same to the Commission when requested;
9) Coordinate activities regarding the promotion of ethics and combating corruption and impropriety in the college ;
10) Prepare and submit to the college and the region education bureau , annual plan, program and budget for its activities, and implement the same upon approval;
11) Prepare and submit to the college , keeping the region education bureau copied, quarterly and annual performance reports, including challenges faced and measures taken to overcome them;
12) Carry out other duties related to ethical issues specifically given to it in accordance with the relevant laws.
Downloadable Documents
The liaison unit will follow and promote twelve principles of ethical valves:
Responsibility and punctuality
Team spirit
Your application will be accepted only if your case falls under any of the cases listed above.
Contact us
Bonga College of Teachers Education Ethics liaison unit
Tamiru Haile Tel: 0478319431 /0917335878
Office Address: Bonga Teachers College Administration Building,
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