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Registrar Office

Well come to Bonga College of teachers Education Registrar Office!
Bonga college of teachers Education located on Bonga Town. It was established in 1991 E,C as Teachers Training Institute (TTI). But in 1997 E.C it became a College
Duties and responsibilities
The registrar office has various duties and responsibilities that range from preparing the academic calendar of the college to ensuring that all decisions of an academic nature are made pursuant to the Colleges rules and regulations. In specific terms the office of the registrar’s duties and responsibilities include:
 Recruitment and registration of students according to the prepared plan of the College
 Keeping academic records of students appropriately and systematically;
 Receiving admission applications to the College and submitting these to the concerned bodies
 Prepared different forms Such as:- Id replacement Form, Withdrawal Form, Grade change Form, Add and drop form, Registration form(Slip), Clearance form etc.
 Issuing, renewing and replacing, identification cards; and
 Preparing list of students recommended for graduation and submits to the Academic Commission (AC) for approval and giving to those Students transcript and original diploma.
 Prepared and Compiles course catalogue and implements with the academic commission.
 Organize and submit statistical reports relevant to planning and decision making to the various processes of the college and concerned bodies.
 Presents Lists and documents of graduating students deserving awards and prize with for approval by academic commission, and handle the graduation and certificate ceremony.
 Ensures the safety of academic records of student and establish computerize system of registration and record.
 Submit the report to the vice Dean TELDA core process